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Great price and fast shipping on these replacement emergency lighting batteries. One small drawback - the terminals were a different size than the original equipment, so it was necessary to replace all the spade terminal connectors on the fixtures.

Michael Wahl  |  2017-12-18

ordered battery.It was great,The order,Was easy. and came on time.

Randy  | 2017-12-18

works fine. Came with a full charge like I wanted.

Galen  | 2017-12-18

Ordered the "Geek Squad GS-1285U 12V 8Ah UPS Battery" and they were a perfect match to replace the batteries in my aging Geek Squad UPS. Brought new life into the UPS and saved my lots of $$. THANKS!

Ken  | 2017-12-16

Excellent service. Battery arrived quickly, fit perfectly, and works great. All in all, a very good experience with BatteryClerk.

Greg  | 2017-12-16

Great service & product. Speedy delivery!

Ross  | 2017-12-14

Excellent service! Salesperson was polite and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he helped me resolve a serious problem for an elderly couple with a stairlift.

Norman Gremore  | 2017-12-14

Battery arrived on time and was a great price. Have used it for over a week and have had no problems.

Carmen Gullo  | 2017-12-14

As expected - no problems

Roger Grimm  | 2017-12-14

Ordered two of these to replace the worn out battery in 1 of 3 UPS systems I owned. Site said replacement for the OEM battery. They fit perfectly and worked fine. Planning to order 4 more to fix the other two that also needed repair. Only time will tell longevity and quality of build.

Larry  | 2017-12-13

As a retired/disabled couple on limited income, the price helped a lot. They were shipped right away, and got here fast.

Wesley Kantola  | 2017-12-12

Bought these to replace the batteries in my emergency lighting fixtures. They were different shape and size, but page said would work. They fit OK, and worked just fine. Only time will tell quality of workmanship on the battery itself

Larry  | 2017-12-12

Good price and quick delivery

MEL  | 2017-12-08

Batteries were what we needed to prepare our mobility carts for a trip. Price was reasonable. Delivery was prompt. The batteries were duplicates of what the scooters originally came with. Replacement process was possible w/limited "handyman skills". Would recommend this company & would return for future battery purchases.

Kitty  | 2017-12-07

Perfect battery for UPS, glad it was bought, great price as well... Bill, <'///<

Bill  | 2017-12-07

As described, packaged well, on time delivery, I'm happy.

Deano  | 2017-12-07

Bought two of these to replace the batteries on my wife's Sun Mountain E-Golf cart. Works better than ever.

Kenny L  | 2017-12-07

Positive experience. Site easy to navigate. Prices are good. Shipment time is good. Replacement battery solved my problem. I would recommend this site to everybody with the need for a battery.

Mike   | 2017-12-07

Worked like a charm. Easy to install and doing great.Price could not be beat and is quality product.Glad we found you online. Thanks

Loretta Stephenson  | 2017-12-07

Thought it was a bigger battery but it turns out to be just great for what I am using it for fits right in the storage compartment of my scooter and works great with the radio Thank you

Joe  | 2017-12-07

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